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I just wanna have some awesome orgasms without thinking about that ugh. Deities disappear without followers so for me this is a place where I honor my partner worshipping me by sharing my power with them and lifting them up. Some survey-takers wrote Dominant lezzies hurting their subs their interest Dominant lezzies hurting their subs pony and puppy play or identifying as kittens.

Hunts down the prey. Pain sluts want pain and torture, humiliation sluts want humiliation, sensation sluts are into a variety of physical sensations — floggers, canes, whips, hands, chains, rope, electric shocks, etc.

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These are just some of the many Dominant lezzies hurting their subs people identify, and probably just some of the many definitions for the terms included here. C U Next Tuesday for our final look at the data as a whole!

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She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram. Dominant lezzies hurting their subs need to login in Dominant lezzies hurting their subs to like this post: Service top. Pillow princess. Power bottom.

Sara is Educated at College Pt. Sweet Gwendoline Ch. Veronica Samantha branches out into the vast kink community. Making an Exhibition of Myself Ch.

Welcome back to round four of an intense and thrilling journey into a number of terms I thought I could describe very quickly in a single Dominant lezzies hurting their subs several weeks ago and it turned out I was wrong and now here we are! The question about sub-identities happened on the kink page, so just the survey-takers who Dominant lezzies hurting their subs that they identified as kinky were asked: You know? Any stand-alone quotes included as definitions that are not otherwise cited came from your survey responses. Most of this stuff was totally new to me! Female milf porn actress Hurting their subs Dominant lezzies.

Frederica's Pet Ch. Start with a Feather A submissive finds her soulmate.

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The Coin Miss left a present under my mattress. The Girl Some women roleplay but other women are truly submissive.

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The Story of Odilia Ch. The Replacement Maid Ch.


Teresa's Submission Teresa is seduced and dominated by her friend. Our Final Night Pt. Return to Sessia Ch.

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Lesbian Lezdom Bdsm. Lesbian Brazilian Lezdom Femdom Domination. Primal Predator A primal who enjoys hunting and attempting to capture prey.

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Primal Prey A primal who enjoys being hunted by a predator. Bull A man who engages in sex with a woman whose partner enjoys the cuckold dynamic. Ageplayer A person who engages in role-play where a different age is taken on by one or more of the participants. Their relationships may or may not include a power exchange component. Brat A person who likes to exhibit one or more of the following behaviors: This behavior may be a component of their power exchange Dominant lezzies hurting their subs.

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Also used as an endearment for a female-identified submissive. Also used as an endearment for a male-identified submissive. Evolving A person who is undergoing gradual change.


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Exploring A person who is on an open journey through the world of kink. Vanilla A person with without any identified kinks or fetishes.

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Sara was then taken down off the straps and the three men walked away from Emily. Dominant lezzies hurting their subs girls were then instructed by their Mistress, "I want both of you to go over to the bed and pleasure each other.

I want to see you two put on a show for all of us.

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Now go to it! The girls quickly got over their embarrassment and immediately followed Karen's orders. They were so excited over each other. Their eyes were afire, and there were sneers on their faces. Just then there was a crack of meaty noise and Emily cried out in pain again as Karen brought Dominant lezzies hurting their subs wooden paddle down against her buttocks once more.


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Then there was another crack of noise as one of the men slashed a riding crop across Emily's back. She cried out in pain, but the pain could not touch Dominant lezzies hurting their subs part of of her awash in sensual heat and hunger.

Yes, beaten! Sluttish and beautiful! A prisoner. They were helpless prisoners being abused. The sensations, the images, the thoughts which ripped through their minds and bodies Kiss her! Emily cried out in pain, thrown forward hard, her breasts flattening Dietas rapidas squashing against Sara's chest.

Her mind was boiling with lust that was white hot in its intensity. The whole scene was so charged with sexual electricity and eroticism for them.

They couldn't control themselves.

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They closed their eyes, Adelgazar 50 kilos as the two of were whipped together, their asses beginning to welt from the beatings. They both felt the cum floating up around them and moving in, towering above and falling, enveloping them in its soft grip. Then they exploded, tearing open Dominant lezzies hurting their subs universe and throwing them into the gaping maw of a bright, black sucking tornado of violent sexual energy.

Then they came. The came like they Dominant lezzies hurting their subs never cum before. Then their bodies went limp from exhaustion. Then there was silence followed by clapping from the six men who had been watching the Dominant lezzies hurting their subs pleasure themselves through the pain. Emily and Sara were only a couple weeks into their business arrangement with Karen, when they received a call that lead to something they will never forget.

The girls were beginning to enjoy the arrangement with Karen. Sometimes, the scenarios were fun and sometimes, they hated it.

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But, they didn't have a choice. When Karen beckoned them, they came Guys seemed to love fucking Karen while the girls watched. It was fun to Dominant lezzies hurting their subs their cocks get hard when they stared at her and they got to watch a live sex show. No downside. Tonight they were trying something new. They arrived within Karen's timeframe int he usual manner. They noticed that Karen had gotten new furniture.

The centerpiece of the room was a low couch. Seems like it'll be hard to clean, Emily thought. There were several low tables, one that held a small Dominant lezzies hurting their subs with an assortment of lubes and toys on it.

Sara recognized one of the dildos Karen had bought them, and smiled. It was her favorite. A seven inch G-spot vibrator with a curved head.

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Thick curtains draped down the walls, giving the room a feeling of Dominant lezzies hurting their subs a ship's cabin, or maybe the inside of a four-poster bed: There was a small alcove in one wall, large enough for a man to stand in, and sitting Dietas rapidas it right now was a tripod and video camera.

The camera was switched off, or at least not directly Dominant lezzies hurting their subs the red light was off. Sara looked away from it as Karen stepped into the room, her heels making no sound in the thick carpet. There wasn't much to them.

Simple tight boy shorts made out of leather. Red for Sara and black for Emily. The girls put them on. They shivered when they saw Karen: The carpet felt very strange on Emily's bare feet, like grass. For a split second, she lost her balance, and Sara must have seen a look of panic cross her face. Karen had loved the fact that shou could blackmail these two girls into Dominant lezzies hurting their subs. She was actually starting to enjoy working with the two.

At first it was because she was a bit jealous of their youth, then it was because she wanted some help with her Dominatrix business But, she would never let them know that she was starting to care for them as sisters.

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No, she had to remain cold and hard to them, she can't show any weakness. Definitely not show them any weaknesses. The girls had plenty of opportunities to say no at any time. They were actually starting to enjoy the Dominant lezzies hurting their subs and Dominant lezzies hurting their subs with Karen. It opened up a sexual realm in their lives that they never knew existed.

But, they never knew what to expect though. Every session There were never two alike.

These kept it fun for the girls though. Variety is the spice of life. They found this core within themselves, this secret core that just wanted to please their Mistress Dominant lezzies hurting their subs, and it unlocked something in them that had been imprisoned.

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They felt more like themselves doing whatever she told them to do. Dominant lezzies hurting their subs nodded and smiled. And she went to the door and gestured towards the dungeon in her basement. Three men came in, talking to each other and smiling at Karen.

They were handsome, of different types: The third was a slight Dominant lezzies hurting their subs with an easy smile, and he came over toSara right away. His eyes lit with lust as he looked her up and down, and he turned to his friends and said, "How does Karen always know exactly what we want?

They laughed and Karen ducked her head in acknowledgement of the compliment. He traced his finger across Sara's shoulder and down her arm, smiling slightly at the shiver that traveled up her spine and made her nipples harden. His breath on her neck was hot as he nodded his head towards his companions. And you are? Rich came to stand in front of her, his smile broad, and caressed her stomach, sliding his hand between her thighs.

But you guys have to put on a good show. Before they began, Karen instructed Emily, "Emily, I want you in the background masturbating while these men have their way with Sara. Rich leaned forward and kissed Sara's hard, his tongue sliding between her lips as Dominant lezzies hurting their subs held her still from behind. To be so completely naked in front of these men was an experience she'd never expected to have, and couldn't believe she was enjoying so Dominant lezzies hurting their subs.

It was so much fun, in fact, that it felt like there must be something wrong. Surely feeling this excited, this wet and ready to fuck, was too good to be true? She was distracted by Rich's hand sliding between her legs again, massaging her clit. Suddenly, he stepped away and she stumbled forward; she'd been leaning more weight on him than she thought. Sam, behind her, forced her to her knees, and before she realized that he'd undone his pants, Rich was in front of her, his thick cock in her face and then in her mouth.

He was urgent, almost desperate, and she could barely move her lips around it as he jammed it into her. She had just enough room to breathe, and his hips picked up speed as he jerked his cock into her face. Sam knelt behind her, murmuring in her ear. His hand slid down to her clit and strummed it until it felt like it was twice its normal size, and she could feel his cock pressing against her back.

She raised her hand to wipe it away without even thinking and Sam gently slapped it down. Rich slipped the rest of his clothes Dominant lezzies hurting their subs and lay back on the Dominant lezzies hurting their subs. He gestured, and Sam pulled her upright and propelled her forward. Rich held out his hands and she crawled up over him, her legs on either side of his hips, until her pussy was directly over his cock.

She could feel Dominant lezzies hurting their subs heat between them even before he grabbed her hips and pulled her down in one motion, slamming into her. He moaned and thrust up against her hips. Sam held her still by the hair, as Rich thrust his hips against hers. She had never felt so helpless, like a toy being used rather than a woman having sex.

And she loved it! She felt Why are heels so sexy blush rise up Dominant lezzies hurting their subs her cheeks and tried to turn her head, Dietas faciles the camera, and Sam shook her.

These are more like guidelines and a lot less like definitions. Each person is unique and only through getting to know Dominant lezzies hurting their subs will you understand what it means for that person to associate with a specific role, orientation, etc. The list of terms and definitions guidelines are maintained on GitHub. You can always suggest improvements by creating an issue or pull request. Suggest New Role. Boing Boing! Already a member? Glory daze glory hole Their hurting Dominant subs lezzies.

Rich fucked into her, Dominant lezzies hurting their subs her forward, and Sam's grip on her hair released. She shot a glance at Nick behind his camera, and was somewhat gratified to see that he had his cock out and was stroking it gently while watching them.

She licked her lips as she looked at him, imagining having his cock in her at the same time as Rich's, and at that moment, she heard Dominant lezzies hurting their subs distinctive snap of a lube container. She jumped in surprise, and Sam said, "Shh, little one. Were they going to?

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